Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Hey Blog Buddies!

The wait is over! Geek Girl has officially gone GREEN. I'm ga-ga for green ways to either dispose of electronic equipment, and even more ga-ga for inventive and creative ways to re-use and re-purpose your electronic peripherals and innards. :)

So, for those of you who have been following along, I've been putting a call out to YOU out there for your ideas on how to be GREEN. And you answered with flying colors! Here's Part 1 of a 2-part episode (I had so much good stuff it had to be split into two episodes!):

What did you think? I hope you are excited to see Part 2 and even more excited to go out and implement some of the ideas I mentioned so far. Stay tuned this week--Part 2 will be posting by the end of the week, along with a whole slew of links to all of the products and websites that I mention in both episodes. For now, click HERE to visit EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) website and educate yourself and those around you about ways to be GREEN as well as tech-savvy.

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Geek Girl


Teska Properties, LLC said...

Hey "Geek Girl." I am "Polish pottery" girl, remember me? Your blog is pretty fabuloso. I am tech ignorant and since my tech guro (hubby) just deployed, maybe I will bug you with some geek girl questions as they come up. Awesome, keep up the great work!

GeekGirl said...

Thanks "Polish Pottery" girl! I still have the adorable gifts you sent Ross and I here in the office!

Please do send any questions you might have and i'll make sure to answer them!!

Thanks for watching, stay tuned for Part 2 later this week!


Geek Girl aka Daria

Anonymous said...

that was soooo worth the wait!!

i'm still laughing about the "CFC/CFL" confusion and the 11-3=7 more years

LOVE it!

I'm glad you brought up the thing about people sending recyclables over seas where recycling standards aren't as strict - never thought of that!!

can't wait for part 2 :)

Margaret said...

Hey Geek Girl...Thanks for the tips on going green. One question: Last year I bought a new computer and I did recycle the old one at a local company (no idea if they ship overseas...oopsie). However, I did remove the hard drive from the old computer since I figure it contains personal info (I transferred all the files etc. I wanted to the new computer). Question now is what the heck to do with an old hard drive that I don't want or need anymore? Don't want to just give it away as it has the personal info. Don't want to just smash it with a hammer and throw it in the trash either. Dilemma. Help Geek Girl!

Teska Properties, LLC said...

Geek Girl, I have decided I will become a regular of your blog. However, I will be completely unable to use internet for the next week, so I will have to catch part two when I get back.

Again, great job with your blog!

Teska Properties, LLC said...

Oh yea, and my name is actually Meghan, the label is my I keep forgetting it doesn't show my

Marisol said...

Hi GG - so glad that you are back! Missed your episodes. Thanks for all the info on being green.

JoeyfromVA said...

Thanks for all of the "green" tips!:)

Val said...

ok......I made a pact today to quit being a unicorn (yes I come to you from Ross's blog) and make posts on all the blogs I check daily.....

I think you are a hoot Daria!!!!! I have always enjoyed the talkys with you on them and I check back here daily just in case! I need some new stuff !

GeekGirl said...

val-you are so sweet! Thanks for coming out of the woodwork!!

I actually have Part 2 almost finished and ready to post! i realized after i posted the first one that i needed to give people time to actually watch and absorb it before i hit them with part 2, so i gave it a little bit. i should be posting part 2 this week, so stay tuned!!

and congrats on no longer being a unicorn! lol...i have to admit that since we've been off the last two weeks on the tonight show hiatus, i've been a bit lazy about all of my computer stuff (gasp!) because when i'm at the show, i'm at my computer all day, and so now that i've been home, i've been trying to get out more. i don't want to become like Neo from the Matrix...all pasty and on the computer all night...LMAO! but now i'm getting back to being my normal self.

daria aka geekgirl :)