Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Geek Girl Quickie!

Hey Guys!

I just got overly excited about some gadgets and decided to film another "Geek Girl Quickie" so that I could share with y'all! Stay tuned; it should post today or tomorrow (I'm putting the finishing touches on the editing and graphics now...!).

If you haven't checked out my two-part video podcast on Being Green yet, now is a great time to catch up. ;) Check both episodes out here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Be green, friends! And don't forget to check back for a GGQ in the next two days!

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Geek Girl


Teska Properties, LLC said...

Hello Daria,

This is the Meghan that used to live in germany. Where is the geek girl quickie that was promised in a day or two on august 5th??? LOL you are a little behind the times (meanwhile I haven't posted on my blog in awhile either)

GeekGirl said...

Hi Meghan! I know, i know...totally my bad! I actually did shoot it before i left, but i didn't get a chance to finish editing/uploading it so i finished it this week! check it out, it's posted at the top in a new post!!

thanks for staying on me, though!! lol. :)