Monday, September 29, 2008

Green Screen Blues

Hey Gang!

So, guess what? I know I've been promising the iPhone podcast for days and days now and your wish is about to come true! Check back today for a 2nd post containing the newest video: GeekGirl's iPhone iLike's and iGripes: Part 1. That's right, people, I have SO much feedback from you all that I had to split the episode into 2 parts! (Maybe even 3...I haven't finished Part 2 yet, so we'll see how long it is). All I have to do is export the final file from Final Cut Pro, which I'm having difficulty with because for some reason, it keeps squishing the picture horizontally, no matter what settings I choose. So I'm going into work today, laptop in hand, and making Kourosh (of RossBlog and John and Ross Show fame, my editor/cameraman extraordinaire at The Tonight Show) help me since he exports all of the videos I produce at work. Hopefully it should be a quick fix, and the video will be posted later today!

In the meantime, I decided to tell you guys that I had quite the learning experience while making this podcast...the green screen, unfortunately, did NOT work out. It turns out that there are so many nuances in making a green screen work, including needing to be like 15 feet away from it so that it doesn't reflect around you in a halo (especially if you have blonde hair like usually picks up the green, and then when you key out the green, it keys out some of my hair!) The bad news is I had to shoot this episode old-school style, but the good news is that I learned a lot about green screens and I will put all of that information in an upcoming episode. Just to tide you over, above is a video with John Melendez and Ross "the Intern" Mathews from The John and Ross Show playing with our new green screen (the very same one I brought home and tried to re-purpose for GeekGirl) for your viewing pleasure. Check back tonight for iPhone iLikes and iGripes: Part 1!!

Remember, check back tonight for the iPhone episode!

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Houston(HUEY) said...

I can't wait for the green screen vlog! I run the TV broadcasting class at my old high school because the new teacher they hired doesn't know how! But the one thing I seem to have some trouble with is getting the green screen to look perfect!