Monday, February 23, 2009

YOU GUESS: GeekGirl Quickie Coming Up Later Today!

Hey Gang! I'm working on a GeekGirl Quickie RIGHT NOW that will post later today! What's it about, you ask? Well, I heard some tech news last week that excited me and I just had to share with all of you! But, you will have to keep checking back here today for the video to find out! In the meantime, if you think you are in the know with Tech news and you want to guess what I'm excited about, take a stab at it in the COMMENTS section below! Tell me what you think it is and if you guess correctly before I click "export" on the video, I will give you a shout-out in it! It doesn't get more interactive than that. :)

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Cheers, GeekGirl


Beep said...

Another new iPhone?? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Not a clue, but here I am !
up to my U-Know-What in snow !!!!!

hugs ,

Maybe you figured out why I cant get to

Alyzabeth said...

I have no idea! But it's cool to see you have your own website! I had no idea! How did I miss that?

Matthew said...

hey just trying this because Ross blog doesn;t let me comment..

marisol said...

Is it the Kindle 2? I did read something about a Mac Mini. hmmmm I am intrigued!

Anonymous said...

Checking in for the big annoucement !

Hugs Pennyfrommaine