Sunday, April 19, 2009

Digital Book on Your iPhone! (and a FREE one for a limited time!)

Hey GeekGirl Gang:

If you have an iPhone, you MUST check out this really great new app just added! Independently published author Emmett James partnered with an open-source software writer for iPhone apps and converted his whole memoir into HTML code AND it's own, self-contained software app! All of the text and images and chapters are formatted for your iPhone, with digital bookmarks, page breaks, page-turners...the works! Is this the future of books?? I'm not quite sure that I can say that I would like it to be, because if you watched my last video you'd know that I LOVE printed books, however I think this free application and way to read a book is SUPER cool.

All you have to do is use your iPhone and go to the App store. Search "Admit One A Journey" and it will come up with this cover art as the icon:

Click on it to download/install, and the whole book with all of its custom formatting will download to your phone in like 3 minutes and you can start reading! There are even active links within the book (at the end) that will let you link to Amazon and purchase a printed version of the book!

I really am amazed by this technology. It's especially important for independent authors like Mr. James who aren't signed with a big publisher and are forced to fight "The Man" and the discriminatory cycle of publishing via grass-roots marketing efforts like this one. And the best part of it all? It's a very GREEN way to consume media! No trees were harmed in the making of this book! And you all know how much I love eco-friendly technology!

I think this type of self-promotion and ease of application creation for the App Store are a sign of the times and speak loudly to the direction our country and technology are moving in general. I also think it's an incredible way for people to be able to create their works of art, be it books, software, or art proper (in all forms of media, of course!) and get it out to the rest of the world without a middleman. All in all, I really think it's awesome! But what do YOU think?

I'm really curious to hear your thoughts on the subject! Please post them in the COMMENT section below. I might even do another GeekGirl poll to see what you all think so we can compare!

Your mission, GeekGirl Gang, is to
1) go to the app store on your iPhone, download the book, and then rate/review it in the app store.
2) come back here and post in the COMMENTS section below about your thoughts on digital books in this format in general!

Got general questions? Thoughts? Comments? Gripes? COMMENT below or email me @

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Until next time, Cheers!

GeekGirl :)


chriann said...

First, I love this idea!!
Second, the built in app is amazing & cool!

I'm already on chapter 2 :) and Im not a big reader.

...more later!

GeekGirl said...

YAY CHRI!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are awesome for downloading and giving feedback! isn't it an easy way to read?? i should interview him on the podcast and ask how he did it! i think it's really cool!! let me know how it goes and if you like the book!!

GeekGirl :)

marisol said...

I downloaded it yet I haven't had a chance to read it but I will.

As far as your question on digital books, I am fan of the Kindle app for the iPhone. I think the Kindle is cool but didn't think that I would get good use out of it and it is a bit too expensive. So when the Kindle app was released for free, I decided to try it. Since it was released, I have purchased about 10 books so far & I think its been released only for like 6 weeks or so. I guess i am a fan. it does drain my battery but I carry a charger with my for the iPhone & ipod so it's just a matter or recharging it when I am running low.

chriann said...

I noticed there is a feature where you can "play" the text and it scrolls automatically, that feature that is worthless (it doesn't scroll smoothly and is hard to read). Other than that so far so good...stay tuned!

chriann said...

marisol! thanks for the heads up on kindle (I didn't know)
perhaps ill read more now =}

marisol said...

chriann - the cool thing about the app is that you can sample the book before buying it. If you choose to buy it, you can purchase it from the Kindle app itself as long as you are have a 3G connection or Wifi. Let me know if you decide to try it out.

chriann said...

twitterific is great b/c its free! i used it for a long time.

for some reason i switched to tweetie and it was hard getting used to for some reason.

I like them both.

If you select your @ Replies you can see what people are saying that you aren't following but are following you.

chriann said...

scratch that... i was using twittlelator not twitterific(both are free)

I don't think "Tweetie" is worth the 2.99. The freebies are just as good.

GeekGirl said...

wow, you guys are teaching me so much about twitter & digital books through your comments! Marisol, Chriann, you guys rock! thanks!


chriann said...

i read the amityville horror chapter while getting my hair did today :)