Sunday, June 28, 2009

Episode 11.1: Wacom Outta the Park

Hey GeekGirl Gang! Ever wanted to know what a graphic pen & tablet or WACOM tablet was? Wanna know how you can replace your mouse forever in an ergonomic and way cooler way? Check out this video to find out!

Hope you liked it! Email or Tweet at me with any questions or comments or post below! And here's a link to all those case studies I promised you: CASE STUDIES.

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unladdielike said...

I myself do ALOT of graphic work. I make alot of money doing it as well. I myself have an Intuos. I think its 11 x 7? I think so, but I have a larger one because I need alot more exact movement, the small the less exact it will be. I think a smaller one, like the bamboo, would be great for small or large bussinesses, because think of the uses, signing digital contracts.

My soapbox... Haha

Anonymous said...


I've loved you for a long time, watching you on the Ross Blog.

I noticed this a couple of different times on his blog and it's glaring on this one.

If you want to be taken seriously, don't show your boobs. I know you live in Hollywood, but keep the club clothes in the club - ONLY.

Sincerly, from someone who really wants to see you succeed.

GeekGirl said...

Dear Anonymous:

I struggled with whether or not to respond to your thought...but decided I would just address it right off the bat.

The whole point of my blog is to be who you are, and learning how, as a by-product of asserting yourself, technology and gadgets and software and all of that good stuff fit in to YOUR life, not the other way around.

I never take myself too seriously, and I'm actually all about breaking down stereotypes of "Geeks" as they've always been classified. Sure, i don't look like a typical Geek-that's the point! By arousing your comment (no pun intended) I've achieved my intent: to make YOU re-examine what you think a "Geek" is or should be. That's sorta the point!

I make no apologies for who I am, I am not an actress (nor would I ever strive to be one) and I hope that others won't make apologies for who they are either. If people don't take me seriously and can't see past what I'm wearing to what I'm saying and the knowledge that I seek to share, then they don't have to watch my videos or read my blogs. And I'm ok with that too!

Bottom line, I truly appreciate your thought, because I know it is coming from a kind and caring place, but perhaps if people didn't feel the need to be "anonymous" in their world, they would be much more comfortable with the honesty of who they actually are and who the folks around them are. And for the record, I LOVE the dress that I was wearing for this episode, and it had a rockin' bottom-it ended up getting cropped out of the video in post production, but I still love it. :)

Thanks again for your thought!


GeekGirl said...

Hello unladdielike! I actually have an Intuos at work too! Aren't they AWESOME?! Are you constantly misplacing your graphic pen because you tend to carry it around with you? LOL.

i realized that i had to start with the smaller tablets because I was trying to introduce people to the device in general, but I'm finding that more and more people out there know what they are and actually have them! So cool!

Keep up the soapbox-we like this type of info over here at the GeekGirl blog!


Tippie said...

After watching your blog I went ahead and ordered the Bamboo. I'll let you know how it goes!

katykk said...

~well I for one think you have beautiful breasts as well as a beautiful mind
and both are worth sharing with the world.

I definitely would use a wacom but it would take some getting used to
for me since even though I'm left handed I mouse on the right (not sure how or why)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that while I've used a Wacom, I wasn't blown out of the water.

Then again I tend to use a trackball most of the time, and the most creative things I end up doing on the computer all involve typing rather than needing precision mouse movements. I can see one'd be useful if I needed photo-editing or similar but I'll stick to my lovely trackball as a mouse replacement for now.