Tuesday, July 14, 2009

GeekGirl Comic (Not Related to me but what a coincidence!)

Hey GeekGirl Gang!

So I got an email from comic book guru Sam Johnson the other day informing me of - wait for it - a comic strip based on a Geek Girl super-hero! Now, mind you, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with this blog or me or any of my videos, but I just thought it was really cool and something that you guys should definitely check out!

Click HERE (or on the image above) to read an interview with Sam Johnson about the genesis of his Geek Girl and the concept behind it. There are also links in that article to how you can check out the comic itself.

From the real-deal GeekGirl to the comic one, I have to give Sam Johnson a tip of the GeekGirl Glasses. :)


GeekGirl (the real-deal. LOL.)

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