Wednesday, July 22, 2009

GeekGirl on TheBaubShow!

Hey GeekGirl Gang!

I had the tremendous honor and personal pleasure to co-host the live radio program called TheBaubShow with my dear friend Bob, Nick from the band Luster, and a few special guests (Ross Mathews of Inside Dish and Marcellas Reynolds from Big Brother All-Stars! (and even a few of my loyal Tweeps and GeekGirl Gang called in)! You can listen to the WHOLE thing below, and we had a blast. It was all about the importance of social networking, and a whole lot of other miscellany:

Thanks to those of you who called in and I hope that you are all new Baubles! You can always tune into TheBaubShow on Tuesday nights at 8:35 PST for an hour of fun and chat (and go to the site by clicking HERE). :)


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