Monday, December 14, 2009

On set with Ross Mathews

On the Inside Dish set!


JACNY said...

Holla Ross and Daria.
Merry Christmas.
Glad to see you back together, wish it was back at NBC... and the RossBlog!
Wishing you both Peace and Joy.

Damien said...

OMG, I've started watching some of your videos and I just finished the one about the Wacom tablet. The thought of working with a tablet board never came to my mind for some reason, but I think it would make working in photoshop so much more fun and easier! Thanks!

GeekGirl said...

You are so welcome, Damien! It makes a WORLD of difference. I seriously can't use a mouse anymore-even with the laptop! And it changes your precision in Photoshop!

JACNY-great to hear from you again! Happy holidays and lookout for our episode today over at Inside Dish!


Tim said...

I always wondered why you were never on camera, I'm glad I finally know :D can't wait for your gadget gift guide!

Tim :)