Monday, July 23, 2012

Meet @Yvonks, My Hot New Blogette!

Everyone, let's welcome Yvonne (aka @Yvonks), my new blogette, aka, another fresh POV on all things Geeky proudly brought to you on this blog.
Yvonne, at the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears Launch Party with me Last Week
Yvonne is a bright, young mind, with lots of quirky interests, most of which we share. (Except for her strange love of Jackie Chan. Who I respect, no doubt, yet I'm not obsessed with him as she is). But never mind that. I hope to bring you lots of great posts written by her (which will be tagged @Yvonks) as we expand the GeekGilr power here on the blog.

Stay tuned later tonight for her review of the kooky product on her head in the above photo. Yes, I have a pair too and stay tuned for my review shortly to follow.

Here's to a fresh new look and feel for GeekGirl.

GeekGirl (aka Daria)