Friday, July 20, 2012

We Haz a Sad: Words of Comfort & Wisdom from George Takei

In light of today's terrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, I wanted to take a moment to share the above words of comfort and condolence that the great George Takei (Sulu on Star Trek: The Original Series), posted on his always-funny and thoughtful Facebook page.

As a lover of sci-fi and, well, of LIFE in general, I stand with George Takei and mourn the terrible strike against humanity that occurred today.  Those of us here at GeekGirl have the victims and their families in our thoughts and hearts today, and we can't help but feel that in moments like this, we should all take a moment out of our busy lives to tell the people who we love that we love them...even if it's just a "poke" on FB, a Tweet or a text message. Better yet, a hug or a phone call.

Peace and Love,

The GeekGirl Staff

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