Saturday, April 21, 2007

Episode 1: PodWhat?

Hello cyber-friends and fellow Geeks!

Guess what this is a picture of-just guess! C'mon....

Ok, give up?

It's a screen-grab of the title animation in the first episode of the long-awaited Geek Girl Podcast!

And naturally, the very first episode is about...what else? PODCASTS! There are so many people who think that a Podcast refers to just one specific type of media file for an iPod, and there are people who just plain have no idea what they are. Either way, it's ok, because I've chosen to focus the entire first episode on defining Podcasts and showing you what goes into them. To see the Episode 1: PodWhat? click below:


or, you can click here to see the embedded YouTube version:

The feed is also available on iTunes in the Music Store.

Let the fun begin!

Remember to send me all of your feedback and questions to
I'm looking for video questions as well (and pics, if you want). As long as you don't clog up my email with huge files. :)

Keep checking back for more soon, and send me your ideas for future "Blogger's Choice" podcasts!