Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Horror!

Hey Gang!

Sooo...I recently left my dayjob, and I was able to work out a purchase of my Power PC Mac G5 because basically my whole life was on the machine and even though it was a few years old, it's a really great machine with really upgraded specs. Here's my pride and joy:

Lo and behold, the machine has been sitting in my home office for like a month now (I have 2 other Macs at home. I know. It's ridiculous). I JUST got around to setting this work Mac up to get some files off it (and blowing the fuse--twice--in my home office from overloading my outlets in the process) and came to find that it has NO AIRPORT CARD.



How did I not notice this all these years? I suppose it had something to do with the fact that I had it set up on the direct Ethernet LAN at work for internet access and thus I never HAD to search for a wireless network (plus we didn't have one where my office was located). Anyhow, I've been researching my G5 and it's possible to actually install an Airport Extreme Card in it physically and connect to the fancy-schmancy wireless internet in my house that I've grown completely co-dependent on. I've researched and found the diagrams and instructions that I need:

Now here's where you all come in! I'm going to do another LIVE GEEK GIRL BLOGCAST where I will actually install the card in my G5 with you all watching! Gotta love technology. I just ordered the card today, and as soon as it comes, I'll set up the Blogcast with you guys. Probably sometime next week, I'd say!

So stay tuned and email me or post comments below or TWEET at me with any tips, tricks, warnings or suggestions you have on this topic!

Ok gang, lots more GeekGirl content coming in 2010! You might have noticed that the Roddenberry sponsorship logos are gone off the site, and that's because we are flying solo this year! Lot's of changes coming, and hopefully you guys will be right by my side. :)


GeekGirl :)