Monday, August 20, 2012

Coldplay+Electronic Wristbands=Most Amazeballs Concert Ever

Video I shot of #Coldplay concert in Chicago, performing "In My Place." 
Complete with awesome electronic wristbands that light up to the music.
And yes, that's me screaming. But look at the wristbands. :)

So, recently i went on a work trip to Chicago, a city which i ADORE. I realized that while i was there, one of my fave bands, Coldplay, was playing at the United Center. It was kismet. i HAD to get tickets.

Now, i've seen Coldplay live probably at least 2 times on each tour (so about 10x total). to say that i'm a superfan would be to understate my excitement for their music and performances. but this concert was different; it contained something i had NOT seen before. and now, concert has forever changed for me going forward: the electronic wristbands

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today is Gene Roddenberry's Birthday Y'All! Let's Have Some Star Trek Bloopers!

Gene Roddenberry
Eugene “Gene” Wesley Roddenberry, aka “The Great Bird of the Galaxy”, would be 91 years old today
TrekNews posted this lovely article in honor of Gene Roddenberry, the creator and visionary behind Star Trek, and who's son, Rod Roddenberry, now runs, formerly a proud sponsor of this here blog! (oh, and he also produced Trek Nation, an awesome documentary about Trekkies!)

And to celebrate Gene, let's all have a laugh. I know it's not "Blooper Briday", but in honor of today's special birthday, here are some bloopers from various Star Trek films and TV shows (there are 3 total, 2 are after the "jump" when you click "read full post" at the bottom). Since Gene Roddenberry's remains are out in space, orbiting earth, I have a feeling he's looking down on us and feeling the love and laughter radiating from the surface of this tiny, blue dot that we call Earth. And Home...