Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh, What's in a Name? Ep. 2 UPDATE

Hello faithful web friends!

As a follow up to the last podcast, Episode 2, in which we discussed USB Card Readers (the video for which I will link to again and embed below), I wanted to give you all some examples of hubs/readers that you can purchase online from reputable sources. I also wanted to clarify some of the nomenclature that I used when describing the device itself.

Now, I knew in my little geek brain that when I created the last podcast that the word HUB actually technically describes a USB port that allows you to plug in many USB devices (cameras, printers, card readers, etc.) into your computer via one USB plug in in the back. A HUB is also generally a dictionary term for the main center for any sort of activity. I always refer to my card reader as a HUB, because I think I cross purposes in my brain when thinking about its function. For those of you who are curious, here is a picture and a link to what an actual, technical USB hub is:

Now, here is a link to the type of hub, or USB Card Reader, that I so highly praised in my last podcast:

I actually have this exact reader for my other camera that has an xD card, and though it does have a cord, it doesn't need an external power source and works just like the reader I showed you in the podcast. San Disk is a great company for these types of products.

There are also multi card readers, which are great if, like me, you have a ton of different cameras and memory card types. These multi card readers are totally affordable, and have lots of slots for your different kinds of memory cards on one nifty little device. Here's a link to one from Staples: MULTI CARD READER

So I just had to clarify for all of you that the more correct term for the device that I hope you will all run out and buy is a USB Card Reader, which I mentioned in the video. But c'mon, how can you make a cute title like "Hubba, Hubba, Hubba" out of "USB Card Reader?!" You can't, is the answer. :) I just had to get that off my chest.

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Oh, and here's the episode again, just in case you missed it!

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Episode 2: Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!

Hello Web-People! Episode 2 is here, and if you take and download digital pictures to your computer, then this one is a must-see!

In this episode, I talk about the importance, benefits and inner-workings (without getting too technical!) of USB hubs, or card readers. These nifty little devices allow you to -- get this -- download pics from your camera to any computer without using software, or your camera, or even a cable!

To check out the Quicktime version of the Podcast online, Click on the image below:

Or, you can check out the YouTube version right here on this page:

The next episode is going to be really exciting! I'm going to talk about all of my favorite new gadgets, and even have a few of them to show all of my faithful Geek Girl fans. So, if you have a gadget you'd like me to talk about and feature, send me an email to, or leave a comment in the COMMENT section below. You can even send me a video message to my email, and you just might be featured in my next podcast! I'd love to showcase some of my fans on this podcast. Oh, and don't forget that you can go to iTunes and subscribe to this podcast, all for the low price of FREE!!

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