Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New GeekGirl URL Poll! I need YOUR help picking the best new website name!

Hey Geek Guys and Gals!

Soooo, you guys have BLOWN ME AWAY with all the iPhone iLikes and iGripes that I've gotten! So much so, that it's taking me a while to edit down the podcast because I can't possibly include them all, but they are all so good it's making it hard to choose! (A great dilemma to have). I am almost done with the editing (I'm also experimenting with a fancy new GREEN SCREEN for my podcasts, so that's adding edit time as well! fingers crossed. if anyone ever wondered how a green screen works, I can explain that to y'all as soon as I'm sure my effort was successful. :)

Anyway, in order to tide you over, as I know you are all eager to hear your emails/comments read on the iPhone podcast, I have a quick little video announcing my new GeekGirl blog URL here, followed by a poll, because I need YOUR help in deciding whether or not I picked the right name! First, watch this (it's super-short, I promise):

A URL is a fancy name for a web address (i.e., www.GeekGirlKnows.com or Apple.com or Google.com, etc. etc.). You can actually have your website/blog "living" on one website addy, and then have a "Vanity URL" (a fancy word for a simpler web address) for which you just purchase the domain name, and simply have it "point" or "redirect" to where your website actually lives. (Maybe I'll do a GeekGirl Quickie on how this works if anyone out there is actually interested or curious! Let me know if you are).

To make a long story short, (or rather, a short story long!) since my original URL was really hard to describe to people (http://geekgirlpodcast.blogspot.com) my best friend/co-worker/officemate at the Tonight Show, Ross (check out his blog HERE), and I were brainstorming the other day on a website name that would be super easy and also fun and applicable to me and what I do here around the old GeekGirl blog. SO, we came up with GeekGirlKnows! Just imagine me saying, "You have questions? GeekGirlKnows!" How's that for a tagline? Fun, right?

There's only one slight problem...before we came up with GeekGirlKnows.com, I had purchased the domain GeekGirlPodcast.com. Both of them work right now (watch, open up a new window and type them both in...they magically go to the same place!) Now I'm not sure which one I like better! Here's where YOU guys come in! Below is a poll... give me your input on what name is better for my new URL!

So vote vote vote and tell me what YOU think! The winning name will be used in all of my GeekGirl graphics and promotions!

Stay tuned for the iPhone iLikes and iGripes video podcast starring YOUR questions and comments!!!


Daria aka GeekGirl


jeep said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Your pirate name can be "geekgirl savvy"

marisol said...

My vote is for geekgirlknows.

Look forward to your iPhone review.

Tippie said...

I'd like to see a session on vanity urls and green screen editing!

Anonymous said...

I like geekgirlknows..and I would love to know more about green screens and how they work too!

JACNY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JACNY said...

Awesome Vanity URL. You and Ross work so well together. Holla!

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't like either. It's hard to say and the word Geek has a negative side. You are one of the prettiest women in a field dominated by men and very smart. Try something strong and sexy like "Techno Woman" or "Lady Tech" or "Miss Tech". Go big and go strong. Sell yourself first and the site second. I'm not saying you should increase the sexual content but you should focus on your high points. Ross did!

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