Monday, September 30, 2013

14 Day Soup Cleanse: Day 1 (UPDATED)


yes, i am totally the asshole who did this to the shared refrigerator at work. sorry, co-workers. (i mean, what was i supposed to do with the first delivery?):

15 fresh, organic pureed soups for my cleansing pleasure(?)

Ok so here's the end of day update. it's 8:23 pm and i've finished all of my purees for the day. i'm not hungry, per se, but kind of depressed that i can't sneak downstairs to snack on anything (even something healthy) and that i have to wake up tomorrow and eat soup for breakfast.

don't get me wrong, the soups are super yummy...i'd eat them voluntarily on a normal day. it's just that i'm missing food. the act of planning, preparing and sharing food. the power trip that comes with being able to control what i eat and when. it's like Pretty Woman said, "i say when, i say who." ok maybe not quite. but you get it.

in terms of purees, here's what i had, in the order i had them.
9:30 am - pumpkin
12:15 pm - black bean chili
3:30 pm - chilled green cucumber-spinach-lemon (didn't like this. not enough seasoning/too much lemon, maybe? i like all the ingredients, it just wasn't tasty to me)
6:30 pm - cauliflower roasted garlic
8:30 pm - carrot ginger

i loved them all except the green chilled one. i couldn't actually even finish that one. i'm glad i had it as a snack rather than a full meal. that is for sure the one i will be replacing when, on Wednesday this week, PureedLove delivers me 4 purees (instead of 5 a day) and...WAIT FOR IT...a solid meal! fish and quinoa or raw fiber until next week, but i will get to CHEW stuff. and i can eat that whenever i want. and i get to do that from Wednesday-Sunday. then next week, Monday and Tuesday it's back to 5 purees a day...and then again Wednesday will be like diet Christmas. sort of.

-LBS Lost: N/A
-PUREES EATEN: 5 as of 8:30 pm
-HUNGER PANGS: 1 really long one from about 5:20 pm-6:30 pm

Welp, here it is people. I had soup puree for breakfast. It was tasty, and I'm not hungry, but now i know what babies feel like. Kinda.

This past weekend i decided to cook up a storm because
a) i love cooking
b) i won't get to cook anything for the next 2 weeks and
c) i had to use up any stuff in the fruit and veg category in my fridge that was going to go bad.

so before i get to the daily tally of foods, here's what i cooked this weekend:
croque madame cupcakes for breakfast

coeur de la creme french cheesecake with raspberry coulis 

how pretty is that?!

So, i said goodbye to normal food last night with a last-minute binge on some homemade pigs in blankets (i didn't take a photo because, well, shame.) and this morning i arrived to a beautiful bag filled to the brim with...soup purees! 15 of them for the next 3 days. FIFTEEN SOUPS. here's the skinny followed by the daily tally, which, as the name suggests, i will be doing daily. duh.

-there are a bunch of hot soups that you pick from diff categories and one cold soup, and the categories from PureedLove are located here. since i don't normally eat a huge breakfast, i thought i'd try the chilled, green option today. i took one sip and put it back in the fridge. (note to self, i DO like chilled green veggie purees; just not for breakfast. noted.)

so i decided to go for the still-warm pumpkin puree, which looks like this:

Pureed Love: Pumpkin
It was tasty, actually spicy and sweet, which i liked, and it was pretty filling. weird to eat soup for breakfast, but i just pretended it was oatmeal. 

i have to eat every 2-3 hours, so the next one i try will likely be the cauliflower or the chili bean protein one. will check back in at the end of the day and update this post:

-LBS Lost: N/A
-PUREES EATEN: 1 as of 11:54 am
-HUNGER PANGS: 0 as of 11:54 am

Friday, September 27, 2013

OMG You Guys...We SO Need These Facebook Buttons!

i mean...

how many times have you TOTALLY needed this button to exist? there's a whole slew of them on this other blog right here. which one is your favorite? tell me in the comments below!

My 2-Week Soup Cleanse: Prep Work - Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuun!

At least, that's how it sounds in my head.

hey y'all. ok so, in brief, we have this wellness fair at work every year and it consists of a bunch of booths, and you walk around and pretend to listen to whatever schpiel and free samples each vendor is evangelizing about for one sole purpose: so that you can get a raffle ticket from them. (oh, and free samples).

so when you are done making the rounds, you have a handful of wonderful, little yellow tickets that you then painstakingly fill out with your info, and then stand in front of a bunch of prizes and decide which jar to stuff the majority of your tickets into.

i've never won anything in previous years. in fact, i rarely win anything in life when it comes to drawings, prizes, the lottery, etc. but this year, i WON something that i REALLY wanted...a 2 week pureed soup cleanse!

ok, so maybe i'm the only one who's excited about it. but still. so on monday, the fine chef kelly from PureedLove will start delivering my 5-a-day soup purees (i get to pick the flavors) and then on Wednesday, i get 4 purees plus some protein and rice/quinoa until sunday. then, the following monday, i go back to 5 purees a day until wednesday, and then do it all over again. here's her website (to which i have no other affiliation other than the fact that i'm doing her cleanse!)

wish me luck! i have a feeling i will be blogging a lot about this journey, so i may need some encouragement and tips along the way!

here's to a detoxified, better rested, healthier-feeling and hopefully thinner me.