Thursday, May 22, 2008

Geek Girl's Day Job

Hey Blog Buddies!

This is just a quickie, but I wanted you to all to check out this great behind-the-scenes featurette that I just produced for the show I produce over on It features John Melendez "aka "Stuttering John", Ross "the Intern" Mathews, and Geek Girl doing what we do best--goofing off while "working." This was just a really fun peek behind the scenes of the show that we do, so I wanted you all to see it too! Click on the image below to check it out--you have to watch a 30 second commercial first, and then the video will play in the main window:

Hope you guys like it! And while you're there, click on the "videos" tab at the top to see all of the cool, behind the scenes stuff we have been doing giving people a never-before-seen peek behind the scenes at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

I'm going to have some exciting Geek Girl news coming up in the next few weeks, and of course, more video podcasts, so stay tuned and keep your questions coming!

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Cheers, Geek Girl


JoeyfromSC said...

You did an excellent job producing this! It was so much fun to see the behind the scenes of the behind the scenes! lol

Looking forward to your other great stuff coming up!

Margaret said...

Loved the behind the scenes episode of J&R...I always suspected you were the real brains behind the operation! Glad you seem to have such FUN at your job. Keep it up! And I really enjoy your Geek Girl blog!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i'm having geekgirl withdrawals

GeekGirl said...

chriann!! you are so sweet. i'm actually editing (and hoping to finish tonight) a new podcast--it's the best one yet, i think, and it's just taken me forever to edit it...i shot it this past weekend, so it should be up today or tomorrow!

daria :)