Friday, July 11, 2008

My Big Fat Green Finale!

Hello my fellow geeks and geeks-in-training!

Boy, have I got a treat for you! The long-awaited finale to the special "Geek Girl Goes Green" video podcast that YOU out there helped me create! I compiled my top tips for living green in our technological world, and this one is a MUST-SEE! Check it out below, and if you haven't seen Episode 6.1, (the first part) scroll down or click HERE.

Enjoy, and keep sending in your questions, tips and comments! Oh, and remember to make sure you share this episode (both parts!) with everyone you know, because we really can make a difference if we all just pick one thing to change in our daily lives, no matter how small, to help our environment and still be tech savvy. :)

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Geek Girl


Anonymous said...

How was hiatus? So glad to see you back podcasting again :)

I have forwarded the site to our facilities director here at work. I'm pretty sure we currently do not recycle these. Without giving too much away about where I work - I will just say that this is going to have a HUGE impact if they follow through. Stay tuned...
and thanks!!!

GeekGirl said...

*applauding chriann*

YAY chriann!! YOU my friend, are exactly what this is all about! that's exactly the idea, and now you can be the change you want to see in the world! that's the spirit. thanks for watching, but more importantly, thanks for listening!

daria aka GeekGirl :)

Anonymous said...

I am going to get a new computer soon...and I am thinking of making the big switch from a PC to a mac...genius design, seem to have very good reviews, and I think you can run windows on a mac now and switch between the two OS which is so cool and really handy! Should I, should I??? In your opinion, why mac over PC?

GeekGirl said...

hi damien!

well, i'm pretty Mac-Biased, and i have worked on both (and actually do have a PC laptop for work as well). i say Mac, for a number of reasons, the first being the sheer fact the about 97% of viruses are designed for the PC OS, because most financial institution servers, major networks, etc. are PC-based, so Mac's are generally pretty virus-protected from the get-go.

also, i use my Mac for a lot of creative stuff (video and photo editing) and they really are built for that. but i use Office (all apps)on my Mac as well, and i haven't wanted for anything from the PC OS in ANY task i need to do. Macs are also a lot more user friendly--they sort of "learn" your habits (i know, kinda scary) and adapt to run better and more quickly based on your repeated actions. they are very intuitive in that sense.

the big draw-back, of course, is the price, but i totally think it's worth the money. the "genius bar" at the mac store has great service, and i find that i haven't really needed it all that often at all. the design, obviously, is super-cool too--way better than clunky and clumsy PC designs (inside and out!) so i say go with the Mac, but it comes down to what you need it for, mainly? what apps do you tend to run most?


Geek Girl :)

Anonymous said...

I use lots and lots of office, photoshop, and of course web browsing/email. It seems that the macs excel at the media editing stuff and that is something I want to do more of...and this user adaptation thing you said sounds really cool...The virus situation is just another plus as well! This last PC I bought is so cheaply built and it makes noises due to it's lack of quality...I hear Macs are superbly built..and even though it was supposed to be faster then my old old PC, it's kind of slower and really lags since day one. And so it seems, the Mac really has no drawbacks, except price, but makes up for it where Windows lacks.....thanks for your reply!!!

Anonymous said...

great job on your TTS skit :)

LOVED your facial expression there at the end!
^5 You!

marisol said...

Hi Daria...

I just saw on Ross' blog that you have an iPhone. Whoo hoo! Do you have the 3G one? I am thinking of upgrading to the 16 GB white one and selling my current one.

Still trying to decide though.

I know that this is totally OT but just wanted to comment.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

You have created a monster!!

As noted above, I sent off the link and haven't heard a thing about it until today. Apparently now it's my new project to get more info on these programs (and see if anything is available locally). Big companies don't like to shell out big money shipping "trash" across the US. I have been on the phone for the better part of the afternoon talking with some people that have successful recycling programs trying to find a local solution and I am discovering that our local recycling progams leave much to be desired. Even curbside pick-up for everyday stuff is limited to certain areas in the city. I feel change coming on!