Monday, September 1, 2008

GeekGirl Quickie 3: Travel Gads!

Hey Geek Guys and Gals!

As promised, here is the QUICKIE that I shot right before I left on my trip to Bali, Indonesia. I didn't have time to finish editing & uploading it before I went, so I finished it this week, right when I got back! I talk about some fun gadgets that I call "travel essentials" that complement my high-tech, plugged-in life. Check it out and let me know your thoughts:

I'm working on Episode 7, a topic that I can proudly say was suggested by a GeekGirl blog buddy, and it's going to focus on the ubiquitous iPhone. If you have any gripes about the iPhone, either the previous versions or the latest & greatest, email them to me at I'd especially love some VIDEO QUESTIONS emailed to me in any format as long as the file size doesn't exceed 7 MB (or, upload your question to YouTube and send me a link!) and I just MIGHT include your video question in the next podcast! (PS-the video question can be about ANYTHING that you think I might be able to answer for you!)

That's all for now, gang.
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marisol said...

Hi Daria -

Those are some great gadgets. I am traveling at the end of the year and didn't know that any ole power adapter would work for my macbook. Better safe than sorry!

How did hte AT&T gadget work for you?

GeekGirl said...

Hi Marisol! the At&T gadget worked great, except for in my hotel room on the bed, as i was in a more heavily foresty area of the island where data transmission was shoddy (my blackberry could barely get one bar there!) so i had to resort to the wi-fi at the hotel, which luckily was FREE! but at all the airports and everywhere else, i used the USB connect and it worked beautifully! i highly recommend it if you won't have wi-fi. BUT, if you will be in areas with good/free wi-fi, it might not be that worth it, so you have to judge for yourself!

good luck, let me know how it goes, and cheers!

Daria aka GeekGirl

GeekGirl said...

Marisol-Check out the previous posts "Area 51" or comment section. (lol-RossBlog inside joke!). i left a comment for you there in response to the iphone conversation we had there...!

daria aka GeekGirl

Anonymous said...

Hey Daria!
Welcome back :)
I have always wondered about those cell phone cards! I travel a lot for work and that would really come in handy!
How does it work exactly? Do you have to buy a plan for it or does it piggy-back off of your existing cell phone plan?

Also, can't wait for your iPhone podcast (doing cartwheels inside). I'm a closet fan of the iPhone ☺. I know it has a few quirks but it SO makes up for it with everything else it has to offer. I actually tried the LG Vue (another touch screen phone) and it was HORRIBLE. I could not wait to return it. I was reluctant to even try the iPhone but I'm so glad I did. All hype aside, it has truly help me organize my life (how dramatic, right?) LOL.


Anonymous said...

That At&T internet adapter was cool! I don't have an iPhone...but when I can afford it I am going to get the new Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 which should be coming out really soon. I have had my eye on it for a long time, but it's probably going to be reallly expensive...