Thursday, January 8, 2009

GeekGirl is Alive and Well, and in Vegas for the Geek Convention to Out-Geek Them All: CES!

Hey Gang!
So guess where I am? Ok, so I guess I sorta told you in the title, but I'm in Las Vegas for the yearly Consumer Electronics Show, CES, which is a HUGE industry-only (meaning you have to work in the industry from some angle) trade show debuting the hottest gadgets and electronics that we will all be drooling over for the year to come!

Here are some pictures from last year's show:

Bill Gates giving the keynote speech. (I know, I'm a Mac gal, but c''s BILL GATES!)


Peeps in line to get into some of the keynote speeches.

And here's what they say about themselves on the CES organization's website, because, well, because they say it better than I ever could:

Each year, the International CES attracts the “who’s who” of the technology and related industries, including C-level executives from the entertainment, wireless and consumer electronics (CE) industries. Plus, more than 24,000 industry and corporate buyers use CES as a means to compare and evaluate new products. That's because CES features 30 product categories, including digital entertainment, wireless, digital imaging, computing and networking, audio, video, in-vehicle technology and accessories for the home, office and road.

So while I'm here, I thought I'd bring my little FlipCam and try to get some exclusive access for y'all from the convention floor and post some tidbits. Would ya like that? huh? Would ya? LOL. I'm just excited to be here, geek that I am. And please know that I have NOT forgotten about the iPhone podcast part 2! I took an unofficial hiatus from the GeekGirlKnows blog, but I'm back in 2009 and better than ever! Promise!

Ok, stay tuned for some fun stuff this week! I'm here for 3 days, and it all starts tomorrow, so lookout for something hopefully tomorrow night!



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Anonymous said...

GeekGirl is back!!

marisol said...

Yay you are back! Have fun in Vegas.