Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GeekGirl Quickie 4: Universal Cell Phone Charger Announcement!

Hey Gang:

So the wait is over. The Tech News announcement that excited me so much that I had to do a GeekGirl Quickie about it is finally finished! Don't know what I'm talking about? Find out by watching this video!

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Cheers, GeekGirl


Anonymous said...

Hey Daria,

I had heard about that, and thought it was about time initially, but after having you bring more details about it, I'm even more pumped about it. I suspect the other big 3 will hop on board when it's economically dangerous not to. Thanks for the e-alert on the quickie, much appreciated.

Nice plug-in "hand tree" btw, too funny.

Keep up the good work

Steph in Ontario, Canada

chriann said...


chriann said...

...oh and your eyebrows look fabulous ! :D

Anonymous said...

this was very good info Daria!

we just bought our first mac a few months ago
and have the mobil me
lots 2 learn!
still learning all it can do
seems like so much!

you sure know a lot!
thank you 4 giving us info updates

smiles peace xxxo


GeekGirl said...

hey guys!

Steph, glad you are excited about it too! i didn't want to disappoint! lol...and the hand tree is actually an old mold from a rubber glove making factory! isn't that wild??

Chriann-thanks love!you are so sweet...i just recently started actually "doing" my eyebrows, and i can't tell you how much i appreciate someone noticing! seriously!! lol

Lemon Deb-congrats on your mac!! you will not regret learning all the cool stuff there is on me if you need help!! mobile me is really cool...i don't have it because i have FTP sites and other things that i use to share content, but i do have people that i work with on projects that i'm producing and they use mobile me to get me video clips for approval, etc., and it's a really great way to share all sorts of content-photos, songs, video, etc. good luck with it and thanks for your always sweet comments here and on the RossBlog!!

xoxo, Cheers,

Daria aka GeekGirl

Anonymous said...


yeah i heard about the big summit in barcelona. this is a great idea having a universal charger. i have far too many as it is and can't wait for the opportunity to cut down and just use the one. thanks for the info!


Anonymous said...

WOW can't wait for that to come in 2012 great job Daria

John in Maryland

marisol said...

Hi Daria,

I had heard about this but I guess i didn't realize the impact that it will have. That's pretty cool!

Apple definitely needs to get on board and so do RIM & Palm.

Great video!