Thursday, April 30, 2009

GeekGirl Call to Action: Twitter!!!

Hey GeekGirlGang!

As you've probably noticed, Twitter is ALL over the place lately and everyone is talking about it!

So I've been trying it out too! I'm even thinking about doing a GeekGirlPodcast about it. What I want to know is how many of YOU out there would benefit from it?

Do YOU want desperately to know what this Twitter thing is all about? Do you hate Twitter and wish that everyone would stop talking about it? Tell me your thoughts on Twitter in the comments section below, and while you are at it, follow me on Twitter and we can learn together!

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JoeyfromSC said...

I'd love to learn more about Twitter Daria!! I have been signed up for quite some time now, and like it..but still get confused about it haha

Missya at the rossblog!

GeekGirl said...

JOEY!!!! So glad to hear from you!!! miss you too...!!i will definitely be doing a twitter-cast coming up! (everyone responded via Twitter, ironically, to my Call to Action! LOL...)