Monday, May 25, 2009

Episode 10.1: Allow me to introduce myself... (UPDATED!)

Hey GeekGirl Gang and Newbies!

I just updated the video on YouTube with fun annotations (you can't do it until the video is done processing!) Check it out again if you've already watched it-the phrenology head and the laptop always have something to say, and I give you little bits of info in pop-ups along the way that you won't get anywhere else and are exclusive to the YouTube videos!) Or, if you are new here, welcome and check out the video I made just for YOU!

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chriann said...

Dear Geekgirl,
LOVE IT! so proud of/for you!!

chriann said...

geek tweet it taken..

you can shorten it to tweek

Tweek it!..ok ill think some more on that, ha!

GeekGirl said...


Jojobits said...

Hey Daria, good segment! I thought of "Geek Gab" for a title. What do ya think?

Love the lava light, lol.

Thanks for updating us on Hello Ross, I'll keep checking back on yours.

ndevelopment said...

There's a really bad echo in your audio...can you please try to adjust the acoustics when recording.

ndevelopment said...

whats the music you use at timestamp 5:30 "Call to Action"