Thursday, July 16, 2009

Episode 12.1: A GeekGirl Guide to Social Networking-Part 1 + A GeekGirl Poll!

Hey GeekGirl Gang!

The long-awaited video on all-things social networking is here! In this multi-part podcast I go over Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn & Twitter, but first, I take you back to the roots of social networking as it exists in the real world! I like to think of this full episode in the GeekGirlKnowsEpisode 12.1. Watch & enjoy and then take the GeekGirl Poll below it:

canon as my thesis and commentary on social networking and it's principles (watch out, I get SUPER geeky in my research for this one!). I now present you

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marisol said...

I use three of the ones mentioned in your video. Actually I guess all 4 but about 6 months ago I jumped from Myspace to Facebook & deleted my profile on Myspace. I use them in different ways:

Facebook - friends and family only. This is where I connect with people that I know IRL. It's a great way to keep in touch with my family in Mexico, my friend in Florida or my cousin in Spain. I have also reconnected with a lot of people from my past so that has been fun.

Linked In - I use this for networking and keeping in touch with people who I worked with but weren't truly friends. I keep this more on a professional level. They don't need to see the silly pics posted on my Facebook page.

Twitter - I use this almost as an RSS feed. I have a variety of people I follow from tech, beauty, music, celebrities, etc. A lot of the people I follow, I also read their blogs and have gotten to know them that way over the years. They are my online friends so to speak.

Tippie said...

Like marisol I use face book to keep in touch with friends and family. It is a great way to keep our lives connected and share our every day experiences.

The geographical distance between us has shrunk since we started keeping in touch via FB!

GeekGirl said...

Marisol-somehow i KNEW that you would be answering the call to action on this one! LOL. you are always so plugged in via all the sites you mention in your comment! I LOVE IT! You and i are very similar-those are the 3 sites i use most and pretty much exactly in the same way!!

Tippie-I totally agree! We are virtually all connected in so many ways that in effect, it really does make for a "small world"! that was exactly the idea at the root of my thesis for this podcast!! So obviously, you totally get it. :) thanks for the input!!
Cheers guys!
GeekGirl :)

jgclark45 said...

Started with myspace to keep up with my nephew, went to facebook for the same reason. Now with the average age of facebook users rising I have found many former classmates.
Do you have any info on beebo

chriann said...

I think I am on social network overload. Seems like every time I turn around I am signing up for another online forum. When does the madness end? :) (Blogger, wordpress, typepad, FB MySpace Twitter, AIM, They all have their own purpose in my life as well.

Regarding FB, I really enjoy reconnecting with old friends. I find it fascinating that people send you a friend request yet never communicate with you after you accept it. Does anyone else find that odd or does that just happen to me? lol

When I first started signing up for these things I felt very paranoid. Now I worry that I'm not paranoid enough.
For Example: I was reading one of those fun "getting to know you" things that a friend of mine filled out and posted in their Notes on facebook, suddenly I thought that if someone wanted to they could figure out a persons password or security question for online accounts based on that info. Lots of the questions are the same. He shared his fathers name, his first car, the town he was born etc. Then I saw a news article where people can predict social security numbers based on public information.

Even though my profile is private I have since deleted lots of my info :) A little paranoia never hurt anyone