Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GeekGirl Quickie: Screenium!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for SCREENIUM! Hey GeekGirl Gang!

Check out this GeekGirl Quickie where I talk about my latest find, an A/V capturing software for your computer called Screenium!
So, what did you think? Do you have Screenium? Love it? Hate it? Know of it for PC? (Still looking into that for ya!) Post in the Comments section below or Tweet at me!

Click on the image below to download Screenium and learn more about it:

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marisol said...

Neat! I will have to check it out. That could come in handy for presentations and what not.

BTW, I love your shades. What kind are they?

Anonymous said...

Hey Daria, Screenium looks awesome (although I still haven't downloaded it)...and I do have an open source pc option (which might also work for Macs but haven't tried) called Camstudio. Hasn't been flawless with long recordings (ie. more than 15 mins) but has worked flawlessly for me when recording short ones for my students. Can be found at FYI

Keep up the fun and good work


GeekGirl said...

thanks so much Steph for the info! I will have to check that out!!

Marisol-thx for the compliment! they are Fossil, believe it or not, and i bought them at the last minute in hawaii right before a sunset wedding to match my black dress, and they have stayed with me ever since! lol. :)