Wednesday, November 4, 2009

IMPORTANT ALERT: eBay Fraudulent Buyers!

Hey Gang:

So I've had a horrible last 2 days with some dangerous eBay buyers who have a fraudulent system set up to prey upon people legitimately trying to sell stuff. It just happened to me TWICE in the last 3 days on the same item and I've spent hours on the phone with eBay and PayPal. I think it is so so so important to educate everyone out there about what happened to me that I'm going to cross the boundaries of GeekGirl and tell you my very personal story of what happened to me a few years ago and also just this week because I think you ALL need to know about it if you engage in any e-commerce on even the smallest level. We need to help protect one another in an ever-growing cyber-world!

While I'm working on this video I want to know if YOU have had any eBay or PayPal horror stories or phishing attempts-if you have and you feel comfortable sharing them, please email them to me at I might be referencing YOUR story in the video!



Blasé said...

Well Alllriiighty, Then!

marejohn said...

Have you put up the link yet for the info? Or am I just missing it? Am anxious to find out any info you have for us re: ebay, fraudulent, etc.

Bebbilane said...

Sorry to hear that you had trouble. The only thing I have had are fraudulent emails from "fake" ebayers. I had one person who did not every purchase the item she won. Other than that, it's been okay. Although, in my opinion it is hard to make any money off of ebay with the fees nowadays. Good luck to you!