Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I finished the Cleanse; Writing the Update Post...but in the Meantime, Here's George Takei and I. What.

so, i've been SLAMMED at work this week with, among other things, preparing to support an amazing documentary we will be airing on October 27th called Bridegroom. (if you are interested, watch the trailer here). as a part of this preparation i got to go to the premiere last night, and i met none other than George Takei, Mr. Sulu himself! Those of you who know my blog before i started writing about my cleanse know what a Trekkie i am. with this photo, i basically win the internet, IMHO:
George Takei and I at the Bridegroom premiere! 
my lunch today-thank you, Farmer's Market+fridge leftovers! Tasty & healthy.

Just wanted to share those two things with you and i promise that tonight i will finish one of the series of cleanse wrap-up and post-cleanse food head-games blogs that i have drafted. trust me, it's a doozy!! hint: i made it 13.5 days out of a 14 day cleanse. it all ended with a chicken apple sausage pretzel roll on sunday night. don't judge!! 

check back soon!!

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