Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Armpit Chronicles: Update - It's the Humidity.

Angelinos are pretty smart, i don't care what you say. but the one word that we have a hard time comprehending is HUMIDITY. it's dry as a mofo out here. it's what makes 90 degree heat in April bearable...because we aren't also completely soaking wet when we step outside our doors.

So i decided to test out natural deodorants as a part of my quest to live better/cleaner. i unfortunately decided to do this when LA was hit with an unusual bout of hum...what's that word go like again? oh, yeah, humidity. that humidity is a bastard. 

as you know, that "Kiss My Face" roll on deodorant was DOA-basically i hated the smell of it the second i rolled it on, and so that one isn't going to survive this product test. 

i then wore the Jason deodorant and i liked the smell. 

it was a bit sticky, but i'm told that's normal with these deodorants since they are chemical-free. so of course, the first monday at work that occurred during this test, it was like 80% humidity in Los Angeles. so i decided that that was NOT ok to do to my co-workers, and i went back to regular, chemical-laden deodorant for the week. yummo. BUT, now that it's the weekend and the humidity isn't AS bad, i am back on the Jason. it makes my armpits feel soft, which i didn't expect!

in the meantime, i've also ordered a deodorant spray that a few of you have recommended, this Crystal Essense one. it's on it's way to me via Amazon (for some reason it's taking FOREVER even though i have Prime):

And lastly, i've been trying to avoid this because it costs SEVENTEEN DOLLARS, but like 7 people have recommended it to me. it's from Arbonne (side note: i only ever knew of Mary Kay as the in-office-cube-to-cube makeup/product sales company, but apparently, Arbonne is a thing! a few people i know either sell this stuff or have a friend/parent who does. anyway). so people keep telling me this one is the shizz, but i just cannot fork over $17 for a deodorant, especially because if i like it, then i have to keep buying it forever, or at least until they invent a way to turn off underarm sweat glands medically. BUT, someone may be letting me sample this, so if i do try it, i will let you all know how it goes.

so there you have it, the armpit chronicles, updated. stay tuned for hopefully sweety smelling news and more updates!

in other news, i finally broke down and ordered a Vitamix. it is already changing my life. more on that in the next post!

cheers and happy sunday,

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