Friday, September 21, 2007

OCD Quickie and 1st Official Geek Girl Poll: Circus Ponies Notebook 2.1

Hi Blog Buds!

I was feeling lazy tonight and just HAD to tell you/ask you about this software I read about today, so I decided to do a quick video blog about it instead (I was sitting on my couch with my laptop in front of me, so forgive the background of my living room!) Check out the video here:

And then give me your feedback below in the COMMENTS section.
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Geek Girl


Anonymous said...

I know this doesn't actually help you, but if that product actually works like it says it does they should charge a lot more. That would be priceless to students and researchers alike!

Sparroweye said...

Found these comments.
Hope it gives you an idea of what
to expect.

Sparroweye said...

Anonymous said...

Hi Daria!

I have a pc/hp
Next year we get our first MAC!!
I know i will luv it~

Cute fun Talky blog~



Anonymous said...

hi. actually i replied a comment in your youtube video regarding this. so sorry for being enthusiastic in replying on this matter. although this subject is overdue i still like to make a reply. ^_^

and this is it. (actually i just copied my comment on youtube)

hi! i'm a pc user but planning to switch to mac. hooray! Ok. Regarding about circus ponies notebook the equivalent to that in windows is the MS OneNote bundled in MSOffice (in 'home & students Suites ' and in 'ultimate Suites'). I like so much the OneNote for organizing information thoughts or ideas for projects, planning or by just being organize like you do. By clippings some articles or stuffs in the internet you can just simply paste or put in there. And you can do also you can also put some audios, videos, charts, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. and even other files. You can share notes to ur network or colleagues or classmates or friends for a projects like books, movies, financial, presentations etc

so that's it i hope that will do.

and btw here's more......

the reason i got on to this of yours is because for i am switching to mac and i'm looking for an equivalent application for MS OneNote and i found out this application called 'circus ponies notebook 2.1' out this application called 'circus ponies notebook 2.1' and it is almost the same and it has a highest rating from application store for this kind of application

......other same application i found out is the 'Aquaminds NoteTaker 1.9' only for mac also it has a nice ratings also but not as much as the 'circus ponies notebook 2.1'.

.....and also this Zoho Notebook for windows and mac but the way i watched on the youtube (just search and watched) i think it so over specs or to much of it

......and i think google has also has the 'Google notebook' don't know about the infos about this. But for now i think the best for it for a Mac user is this 'circus ponies notebook 2.1' or just try the Zoho Notebook.

so this is it final. ok.