Thursday, November 15, 2007

Episode 4.2: Geek Gads-The Finale!

Hey Everyone! So, as promised, here is part 2 of my TOP 5 FAVORITE GEEK GADGETS. At the end, I read some of your emails! Check out the video here:

Tomorrow I will post a follow-up blog with a text recap complete with links to all of the products so that you can explore them further if you are interested. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please email me or post them in the comments below!

Production starts next week on the next video podcast...I won't reveal the topic just yet, but I promise it will be fun and, well...geeky!

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Geek Girl


marisol said...

Hey I got a mention on the video blog...whoo hoo! I am a MAC girl. I just switched over about 11 months ago and I am never going back to a PC. Since you would consider software a gadget, have you checked out Its in beta form and invite only but I think you would really like it. I know that I got giddy from it when someone sent me the link.

I had the bluetooth earpiece you had and didn't work for crap. When I got my iPhone, I bought the Jawbone earpiece and have been so happy with it, If you ever need to replace your current bluetooth, I highly recommend Jawbone.

Enjoyed the video blogs and hope you continue to do them.

Anonymous said...

more cleavage please

Anonymous said...


so informative, thank you! now i think i need a bluetooth for obvious reasons, but also because i haven't been able to transfer pix from my new rizr phone to my macbook with the usb cable that was! :)

'keep the blogs comin'!

Anonymous said...

Interesting gadgets for sure! Thanks for sharing.

And yes you said my name right. lol. Good Job!


Anonymous said...

Wow those glasses are pretty cool!! Ross blog reader here, but I just discovered urs now!