Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Video Podcast! Episode 4.1: Geek Gads!

It's here! Part 1 of Episode 4 for your viewing pleasure. I had so much to say about my favorite gadgets that I had to split this podcast into 2 segments. Part 2 (or Episode 4.2) will be up by tomorrow night. In the meantime, enjoy the first part, and be sure to send me your feedback!

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Geek Girl


marisol said...

I look forward to your second part. That Casio phone looks like something that I would need and use. I just wish it wasn't so bulky looking although I do love my iPhone.

Anonymous said...

The Windows command you are thinking about is probably 'tree'. You would run it from the command prompt:

tree /F /A c:\ > tree.txt

This outputs a tree showing all of your c: drive directories and files to tree.txt.

There might be a graphical app out there for windows users too...

GeekGirl said...

thanks, me! actually, i mention YOU in part 2! make sure to watch!

and anonymous, that is some serious command you are talking about! thanks for that...i was thinking that there was actually something that you could do once you had a folder opened like a "print folder listing" function that is more for the everyday user. but i love the "tree"! i haven't heard that in a long time.

geek girl