Sunday, January 13, 2008

Geek Girl Goes Green! (and needs you)

Hello Blog Buddies!

Here is some formal thanks/business/cross-promotion to tend to before the actual topic of this post is addressed:

It has been a while since I've posted a new blog and/or podcast, and I've missed you all! Thanks for all of the emails and support you continue to send me, especially when myself and the whole Tonight Show staff got laid off for a month and when we were off the air for TWO months due to the writer's strike that is currently going on in Hollywood. The Tonight Show is back on the air now, and all of our super-cool web-features are back up and running (that's what I'm in charge of there). Click HERE to check out the Tonight Show website and all the cool original web shows and content that's there (pssssst-especially The John and Ross Show, (click HERE), featuring Ross Mathews and John Melendez from The Tonight Show. I'm a producer on that show, it's great fun and you get cool never-before-seen behind the scenes footage of the magic that is The Tonight Show. Watch the Q&A sessions to see how you can send in a video question and be featured on the NBC website in and episode of The John and Ross Show!).

OK, and now for the GREEN!

I just got an email from a Geek Girl viewer who gave me a great idea. Rick sent in the following tip about Recycling DVR boxes:

"You know when you subscribe to DirectTV and they make you buy the DVR? Well, if you leave DirecTV, the DVR becomes useless, you can sell it, and even then the person will have to get a new card. Well, inside the DVR is a150 gig hard drive. You can pop it out and put it into your PC, not sure about Macs tho. Someday I'll get around to buyin' a Mac. You just have to reformat the hard drive and you have an extra 150 gigs to store media or backup you PC/Mac or whatever. They did make you buy it."

What a great idea, right? I don't have a DVR since I have Cable and TiVo, so I had no idea about this. Then I got to thinking...there MUST be tons of ways to recycle/reuse your gadgets when you are done with them (I already have a few tricks up my sleeve that I'll include), so I'm going to do a whole Geek Girl Goes Green video podcast with all of YOUR ideas! You can even send me videos of yourself talking to me and telling me your recycling idea, or even a video demo of you showing me how to do it! Anything goes here, even tips on traditional disposal-recycling of electronics equipment. Everyone say "Thanks, Rick!" for the great tip that lead to a great idea. :)

So make sure you email me at with your Green ideas! And keep the regular questions & comments coming.

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Geek Girl


Anonymous said...

Hi Daria,
just saw your hubba hubba video. where can i buy a usb hub that reads the sd card? i tried to google it, but i got a bunch of huge hubs that don't read sd cards. Please help, I would love to have one. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Daria, Dear one
I hope your all better in a jiffy
have some chomomile tea~



GeekGirl said...


if you are having trouble finding it, that's partly my fault! in the original blog post here on my blog that went along with that video (you can search for it in the archives here) i mentioned that it's actually called a USB card reader rather than a hub...a hub technically applies, but USB hubs are mainly for plugging in lots of USB devices (like a card reader) into one USB port on your computer. you can go to staples or office depot and they should have a few card readers for you to choose from.

best of luck!


GeekGirl said...

thanks lemon deb! you are always so thoughtful and full of well-wishes! i've been drinking green and mint tea for days now...hopefully it will all start kicking in along with the antibiotics!


Jessica said...

I watched Ross' blog today--I'm bummin for ya girl. I hope you feel better soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Daria!

Anonymous said...

Hi GeekGirl - My hometown, Ithaca NY, is home to three computer-recycling programs. CCRA is a student group at a local university which repairs old computers and sends them to schools in Africa. Computer All Stars at the Ithaca Youth Bureau provides part time employment and training to high school kids while rebuilding computers for donation to low-income families. Finally, Babbage's Basement, a group of dedicated volunteers, accepts donations of old equipment and rebuilds computers for sale to the public. Proceeds benefit our local science museum. Babbage's also sells recovered parts to computer "tinkerers" like myself.