Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Geek Girl Quickie-Episode 5.1: FlipCam Fun!

Hi Blog Buddies! So, I'm in production on some more exciting Geek Girl podcasts and have been busy answering your questions (thanks for sending them in! Remember that no question is too small or too big, and I'll always admit if I don't know the answer, but I'll help you find it!). Anywhoo, I was sitting at home after work the other night, and a friend/neighbor/co-worker of mine was going to come over for some 1-on-1 Geek Girl lessons on using his FlipCam with his brand new Mac (he JUST switched from PC--can we all say "Yay Bob!"?). The problem was that the FlipCam he had was made for use with PC's, and so was the software that came with it. Geek Girl to the rescue! I decided to do another impromptu Video Blog (notice the lack of my usual logo background and my Geek Girl glasses!) to share the process with all of you as well, just in case you're having the same issues! But don't worry if you're a PC user, understanding the basic principles in the process will be helpful for you no matter what platform you work on. So, here it is!

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Geek Girl


JoeyfromSC said...

Daria! I was in Daria podcast withdrawals!hehe
GREAT info...I am a PC user currently, but aspire to be a MAC user someday!:)OH joy joy! LOL

I usually have no problem with your videos playing, but today was "glitchy"(I sound like Randy Jackson saying "that was pitchy"lmao)!
I really could not figure it out unless it was a youtube glitch or my PC was acting weird!

Have a good weekend!

Margaret said...

WOW!! Thanks great information...I don't have a Flip but I never thought to simply look in the files when I have a compatability issue...
That's one Super Smart Geek Girl!

Chris_Finn said...

Yay Daria! I converted to macs a few months ago and am still discovering new things about them each day! Great site-- I love techy stuff!

Looking forward to updates!

marisol said...

1 - Yay Bob!

2 - What camera is that? I like it.

3 - Are there any tech blogs that you recommend for us geek girls to read?

4 - Glad that you are back posting video podcasts. I really do enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

YAY new blog from Daria.

(i know i am a little behind but i've been out of town so it's all knew to me :)~

GeekGirl said...

Hey Blog Buddies!

-Joey-thanks for the support...i'm not sure what the "glitch" could be, although (i'm sure you've noticed) that i do a little glitch/sound effect as a fun little video you think that could be it? thanks for watching, as always!

-margaret & christopher, thanks for the posts! feel free to email me if you have any questions that i can help with!

-marisol-it is an RCA "small wonder" flip cam. :) glad you like it. i haven't used it too often yet, but from what i did on this video, it worked great!

-chriann-thanks for catching up! stay tuned!

Geek Girl

Tippie said...

Hey there Geek Girl,

I have a flip ultra. Any idea how the RCA Small Wonder compares? I use the same method you explain in the podcast for downloading my video file from my flip.