Saturday, March 22, 2008

GEEK GIRL'S NEW HAIRCUT, a good cause, and a damn-good hair straightening gadget!

Hey Blog Buddies!

OK, so you know how the subheading on my blog calls me a "not-so-ordinary geek girl?" The reason for that, as I'm sure those of you who know me will already know, is because I'm just as much into fashion, art, shoes, makeup and all of the artsy and not-simply-practical things that you would normally associate with a "geek". We're breaking down stereotypes here at the old Geek Girl Blog. :) LOL.

Anyhow, I JUST got my hair cut short for the first time in years, and, for those of you who are starting think that today's blog would be without any gadgets, think again! I wanted to share my new haircut with you all, as I'm pretty excited about it and still a bit in shock that I chopped off so much, and then I want to share a hair-related gadget with you that I just got that I LOVE--it's a modern marvel of engineering.

OK, here's the hair:

It's actually really dark underneath too, but you can't really see in this picture. You'll see it in the next podcast. Thoughts?? You likee? I think it's sassy and fun...and a change is always nice, especially if you've been in a slump like I have recently. :(

And now on to the gadget part--I asked for one thing and one thing only this year for my birthday, which was two weeks ago. I wanted a damn good hair straightener, like the one the stars use (not to be like them, but because they don't have time for crappy gadgets, and I decided that at 28 I deserved a damn good straightening gadget). So, my wildest dreams were fulfilled, and here you go...I present the GHD Styler:

it may not look like much, but for those of you (boys
and girls) who use devices such as this, this one's the bee's knees. Seriously. I wouldn't use that phrase if I weren't serious. :) (For more info on the styler, click HERE. I promise I have no interest in this company promotion wise, nor do I with any of the other products I talk about/review on this blog. They are just gadgets that I use, and I will be honest about them!)

And before I sign off, I just wanted to mention a worthy cause: I was bummed when I cut my hair that it wasn't long enough to donate to Locks of Love, (click on the name to visit their non-profit site), which provides hair pieces to kids suffering from illnesses that cause them to lose their hair. I thought I'd mention the site/cause here, as I feel that it's a very worthy cause, in the hopes that one of you out there might be thinking about cutting your hair too, and if so, perhaps yours is long enough for Locks of Love. If you do decide to do it, feel free to bring along your camera and send me photos/video of your cut and donation and I'll make sure to feature it in my next blog!

Allright Blog Buddies, that's all for now. Stay Tuned for more exciting stuff coming up!
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Geek Girl


Margaret said...

Super sheik Geek Girl!!

JoeyfromSC said...

Daria! New "do" is FABULOUS!:)
You're so sassy! lol
I also am surprised your hair wasn't long enough to donate! It was pretty long!

My brother used to use a straightener like that! LMAO
Seriously..He had blonde hair and liked it straight not curly! I thought those things would "burn" your hair badly!?hmmmmm....

marisol said...

Daria your new hair cut is FIERCE! I love it! I love my straightening iron too. I have a CHI and I won't leave home without it.

Anonymous said...


Your hair look's


Really cute

enjoy it!



Anonymous said...

it looks beautimous!! that's a great style for you!

hair cuts can be a very stressful experience.

i went from long to short recently too and now have to use hair gadgets that i was never too familiar with. they cut about 5 inches off my hair and gave me a razor cut bang (which kinda freaked me out). then of course once you wash it you seemingly take all of the magic out of it and it never looks the same again LOL. anyway, its all good now and i'm thinking about going shorter next time!

anyway, congrats again!


Anonymous said...

It looks awesome Daria!!!

Workers' Compensation said...

I know you can curl your hair with a flat iron...but for the life of me I cannot figure it out.


BTW you look fantatsic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Daria, I was on the Ross Blog and kept seeing comments about your new hair cut, So I had to come check it out.... OH I love it! So cute. You have the right shape face for a cut like this! Is it easy to care for? I have Natural curly hair and fight with it constantly.. This is why I hate summer... My hair has a mind of it's own. I'm going to check into getting one of these things.
Thanks Daria!

Cathy in Pa.

GeekGirl said...

Thanks, Blog Buddies, for the thumbs ups on the new 'do!

-Chriann-you are totally soon as i had washed it for the first time and had to style it myself, i freaked out a bit. but i'm getting better at it!

-JOEY-LMAO @ your bro using a straightener! i LOVE him :) and you do have to be careful that you don't burn it, but if you're gentle & use product, you're good to go :)

-angela-OMG, i JUST learned how to curl with the takes a bit of practice, but you can do it. you basically have to pull UP from the root of your hair and wrap the strand around the outside of the straightener after you've looped it through the middle. then you just pull it through, keeping it wound around it pretty good, and when you let go, you have a ringlet curl! it's really amazing!

-Cathy in Pa-thanks for coming by and checking it out! i think it's so funny that of all the gadgets i've profiled, the hair straightener gets the most questions! LOL. you should definitely invest in a good doesn't have to be as expensive as the GHB one, but spend a bit of money and you'll get a return on your investment.

Happy Friday Everyone! "Geek Girl Goes Green" podcast is in production right now...if you have any interesting recycling/reuse ideas for electronics and gadgets, email them to me! i might include it!

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