Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GeekGirl gets Poll-tastic with Star Trek!

Hey Gang!

So lately, my true inner nerd has been in full-force as I've been watching Star Trek nonstop. I know that generally, in the past, "GeekGirl," to most of you, has come to mean "technology and gadgets," but no, web people, my inner geek-ness spans the boundaries of technology and into the world of Sci-Fi too. I love really good science fiction, and for Christmas this year I received not only the Star Trek Original Series Season 1 Special Collector's packaging, but I was also the lucky recipient of all 7 Director's Cuts of the Star Trek Motion Pictures. It's GeekGirl heaven!

An awesome shot of the USS Enterprise from the Original Series

Anyhow, I've been catching up on the episodes/films (I'm not done yet!) and I started thinking about how I am a "new" Star Trek fan. By "new" I mean that I had never ever even seen 1 episode or 1 film of the Star Trek franchise until early last year on my birthday (long story). The irony is that when I worked at a creative advertising agency for 6 years, I WORKED on ALL of the Star Trek DVD packaging, advertising, etc! Yet I had never experienced the joy that was Star Trek myself.

I started to wonder how many peeps of my fellow GeekGirl community were Star Trek fans themselves! So guess what...? Yep, that's right, we are going to do a poll! (remember when i disovered that online tool, PollDaddy, that let's you create & customize your own polls? Yup...I'm a nerd and that still excites me!) So below, my fellow Geeks, are some things I want to know about YOU and how much the gadget/technology world really crosses over into the world of Sci-Fi! Take a minute and share your likes/dislikes with me...!

Keep those emails coming to, and I am still working on Parts 2 of the iPhone and CES videos! I had way too much good content from you all and from the CES show that I've shot myself in the foot with editing difficulties! I'm a geek, but not really a great editor, so it's a slow process, but everyday I get better. I've graduated to FinalCut rather than just using iMovie (which is great too!). Just curious, and for the sake of doing another poll, answer me this:

Allright gang, that's all for now!! Keep checking back for more! Lot's of exciting news coming up that you will want to stick around for!

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Anonymous said...

admit it - u want all the trekkies to worship u. tall, blond, female - u'll be their queen ;)

Anonymous said...

When I was a freshman in college we had to write a persuasive essay to our peers. I wrote mine about how everyone should watch Star Trek the Next Generation because the show themes and methods for conflict resolution were relevant to their everyday life. My prof gave me an A and made me read it in front of the class - i didn't even care.

GeekGirl said...

jon-no comment! LOL. all i can say is that i really, really love Star Trek: OS and the first 3 films. i love Star Wars too...and Bladerunner...and THe Matrix...i'm a total sci-fi nerd!!

CHRIANN! that is hilarious. do you still have the essay? i'd love to read it, and post excerpts of it here...! let me know if you have it. seriously, that's awesome and hilarious.

oh, and someone commented on one of the polls that i forgot to include the Star Trek Animated Series - thank you whoever pointed that out, because i actually own the animated series on DVD as well! LOL...nerd alert!!

Cheers people...keep checking back for some new videos hopefully this weekend! i really have to get more regimented with my blogs...discipline, discipline, discipline...!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Daria
my husband is a star trek totally obsessed! FAN

he has all the books, movie's, and toys ...LOL

WE have even been to the conventions!

He grew up watching the old star trek
but still loves it all!