Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's try this again!

Hey gang!

Why do I look so happy? Well I just discovered a new blogging tool
that let's me email a photo with text to my blog, and it will
automatically publish the photo using the email subject and body copy
as the blog title and copy! How friggin' sweet is that?! But here's a
tip: make sure to type all of your copy ABOVE the photo attachment for
it to appear on the blog-I just made that mistake below. Oopsies!

Now all of my web people out there who blog have a new tool to use!
(if you don't already know about it, of course!)

Questions? Thoughts? Email them to me at!

Until next time, cheers!



marisol said...

You look great Daria! I wish that there was an iPhone app for the Blogger platform but I guess emailing it will work for now.

Anonymous said... this means we will be hearing more from the geekgirl, yes? :)

Anonymous said...

You should show Ross this :-)

GeekGirl said...

Ross knows and he's one of my favoritest blog buddies and supporters!! :)