Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WE HAVE LIFT-OFF! Roddenberry.com Official GeekGirl Channel!

Hey GeekGirl Gang!

So, after a long period of anticipation and some technical snafoos, GeekGirl's channel on the incredible SciFi website Roddenberry.com is officially live! Click HERE to go to their homepage and click on the screen grab below to go to MY official channel there!

web design and programming is never easy, even for the simplest of projects, and I'm so happy that the fine folks at Roddenberry.com created such a slick and cool channel for me! The videos you will see there will be exclusive to Roddenberry.com and some will be videos you can also see here, so make sure you check both places!

The actual 1st episode (which you guys saw part of in my episode 10.1) will be up on June 28th and then every other week from that point on there will be a brand spanking-new episode up for your viewing pleasure!

And keep checking here for new blogs about all things tech-related (oh, and the resolution to my Time Warner vs. High Def TiVo battle! Yes, it's FINALLY over and I have TV now!). OH, and 1 last thing...we are going to have our very first official GeekGirl TweetTalk session where I give you a time where I will be live on Twitter and you can ask me questions about tech things you want to know about and get LIVE answers from me! Stay tuned for the Call to Action on that coming up very, very soon!

Don't forget you can always email me at geek.girl@earthlink.net

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