Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back in the Blog-s-sphere & Twitterverse!

Hey GeekGirl Gang:

There's good reason for my long absence from the blog/Twittersphere, and hopefully something will be inked and final in the next 2 weeks and if so, I'll be able to share it with y'all! In the meantime, lots of changes are going on in my world, and ALL roads point to MORE GEEK GIRL VIDEOS for the holidays AND for the New Year!

Here's what I've got in production right now:

-eBay horror story and tips quickie
-Holiday Gadgets
-2010-the future is here!

Any tips, suggestions or requests, GeekGirlGang, on topics you'd like to see discussed? I'm also considering doing a live, streaming chat a la my dear friend Ross Mathews (click HERE for his blog, and see below this paragraph for our live chat re-broadcast below from his Jay Leno Show dressing room backstage last Friday). What do you think of the u-stream software? Should I use the same software? Does anyone have any suggestions for great live streaming software with chat tools/features, etc.? I want to know!

I've missed you, GeekGirlGang, and can't WAIT to get all of this new stuff (and hopefully the good news I hope to share!) out there to YOU guys, the people who inspired this blog in the first place!

Post your comments in the COMMENTS section below, OR email me at!


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Anonymous said...

Geek Girl~ Another great live-streaming site is Check it out.


GeekGirl said...

Thanks Nick! I will def. check it out!


Anonymous said... also a great live-streaming site (I believe they were the providers of the live feed of Obama inauguration through CSpan) or premium...I've used free successfully and it has a chat component you can activate at the same time - fyi...nice to see you back kiddo, look forward to hearing your future news..Cheers - Steph