Thursday, December 10, 2009

GeekGirl, uStream Test and an artichoke.

Yes, that's right, an artichoke.

Have no idea what I'm talking about? Watch the video below of my very first LIVE broadcast on my brand-spankin'-new ustream channel. Very cool! I wasn't expecting anyone to show up but you guys definitely delivered by coming by to say hi and even chatting with me. About my artichoke. LOL. Just watch the video:

Now that I know it works, we are setting up a LIVE video Q&A in the next 2 weeks where you guys can ask me all your questions! I think I'm going to do my holiday gadgets episode LIVE with you guys! Fun, right?

Here's the permalink to my ustream channel: I'm still working out the kinks but so far, so good! Got any tips for me now that I'm a Broadcaster? Hey, I like the ring of that! Broadcaster! GeekGirl Live has just opened up a whole new world for us, GeekGirlGang, and we're going to take it by storm!




chriann said...

Good job

GeekGirl said...

Thanks, Chri! Sorry i logged off before you got over was just a quick test but i can't wait to talk to you next time i do it properly!!! xoxo

Dave Swift said...

Hey GeekGirl! :)

I wish you had told me about this sooner! This is really cool, seriously. If you need help shooting things, I'm free weekends.

Keep me posted!