Wednesday, October 9, 2013

(UPDATED!) Day 10: Better, Faster, Stronger. Plus, The Ice Storm.

i had the following delights for lunch and dinner today:
asparagus soup with some of my dinner salmon and veggies mixed in.

salmon with "gingerly" sauce and a hearty salad. 

the salmon was amazing. SO yummy. i put a big chunk of it in my asparagus soup for lunch, then ate the rest for dinner. there was a big salad with some radishes, cucumbers, cabbage, etc. with the salmon, and the delectable gingerly dressing. i have to say i'm not a big fan of salads in general. i love just plain vegetables, and unless it's arugala, i'm not really interested in the leaves. i guess because i've never been super into salad dressing? lettuce to me is just a vehicle for salad dressing. sorry to offend any salad lovers out there. :)



better, faster, stronger.
sorry i didn't blog last night! like i said in the morning report yesterday, i had a tough day yesterday, mainly due to the Crimson Tide and being on day 2 of just purees, and then of course it got cold last night. (to clarify, i KNOW that y'all out there who don't live in SoCal are laughing at me because i think 60 degrees is cold, and you know what? i'm ok with that. it doesn't affect me. it was cold for HERE, dammit!)

so, i actually passed out early from all of these factors last night. and i woke up today feeling pretty darned good! i was still a bit tired, but that's to be expected, and i lost another .5 LBS. this morning as i was driving into work, on the first cool, rainy, chilly day in a long time, i felt great. i love this weather, and i love feeling like the seasons are actually changing.

not that i complain about our great weather here, but, well, i do complain.

because i need some rain to balance out all the sunshine. actually, i'd like a good amount of rain, because i'm moody like that. (The Ice Storm is one of my favorite books, what do you expect? also, btw's, there is a GREAT movie adaptation of that book starring these amazing people:
kevin kline, joan allen, sigourney weaver, christina ricci, elijah wood... and a 70's swinger sex party. if you have not seen this film, you must. that's all there is.
anyway, i was driving in this cool, moody weather fully aware of the change that i have been undergoing, and i was pleased that the weather around me was changing as well. we all work together, as a system, right? and then, Kanye came on again! this time it was a bit of a throwback- "Stronger" came on, and i just ROCKED OUT to it in the car, and i really felt like i was better, faster, stronger. and i was reminded by -Ye that that which does not kill me only makes me stronger; a metaphor for how things that are challenging are also rewarding once survived. so today, that is my theme. i'm one strong bizzle, and i am working it, baby.

lastly, i got my food delivery this morning and am SO excited to see solid food in there! here's what's on the menu (i told chef kelly how much i love garlic, so she added more to this week's food. SCORE! who knew garlic could make a girl so happy? just don't try to make out with me this week:

Salmon salad with B~12 crave dressing (lots of garlic for you)

Garlic shrimp asparagus quinoa with pine nuts

That's it for humpday morning report! make it a good day, people, and remember that Kanye wants you to be better, faster and stronger today. just do it.

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