Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Body is a Quiet Room. And Katy Perry. Day 9 (Morning Report)

today i woke up groggy and tired. as i was driving to work, i got this overwhelming emotion. the best way that i can describe it is that my body feels like a quiet - silent, actually - room. all of the food noise is gone, and every other sensory experience is amplified and echoes through me, bouncing off the boundaries that separate ME from the space and time of the universe around me. (no, i am not stoned). for example, i haven't really even been wearing perfume lately, even though i love perfume, because the smells have been overwhelming me. even my olfactory nerve has reset itself!

it also means that the cramps i woke up with this morning rumbled around loudly (though, surprisingly, they are not NEARLY as bad as they normally are. which means that this cleanse has somehow done the impossible inside my uterus, which is to soothe it from it's usual rage of wanting to rip itself from my insides).

and finally, i blame the cleanse for me not changing the station when Katy Perry's "Roar" came on the radio this morning. the opening and lyrics are so silly and basically cliche after cliche - with a slight twist - but, what can i say...i'm a sucker for the chorus and its onomatopoeia (um, for the record, i totally just spelled that correctly on my first try, unaided. my B.A. from UCLA with a degree in English, American Literature & Culture at use here, folks. i am a champion, and you're gonna hear me ROAR...ok sorry, i will stop now).


LBS LOST: 7.5 (i think it may be more, actually. the Crimson Tide throws everything off)

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