Tuesday, October 1, 2013

(UPDATED) - Day 2: 14 Day Soup Cleanse (2 LBS LOST!)


ok, so... can we all agree that life is about being flexible, and making compromises? yes? ok, good. please remember that when i tell you what i just did.

so yesterday (monday) when i got all my soups delivered at work, i counted out how many i'd be eating at home, and how many at work. since the majority of them were at work, i packed away 4 soups to bring home. i THOUGHT i picked the right combinations (you see there are 4 different columns of soups you pick from when you order your cleanse. one contains your fiber, one contains your iron, one contains your protein, etc. they work as a SYSTEM, people. actually, if you want to see the list, here it is. you basically pick one soup from columns 1 & 2, and then 2 from column 3 and then one from the chilled list.)

anyhow, when i got home late, tired and hungry tonight and VERY much looking forward to eating my cauliflower-garlic puree and then, later, as a night cap, my carrot-ginger puree, i realized the most HORRIBLE thing. yesterday, i accidentally brought home the black bean puree (see my poop? nope it's soup poem here for reference) and the pumpkin puree. and i've already had both of those today. i could not eat them both again, right? so i had one of them, the pumpkin one, and then sat there.

and i thought.

and i thought.

and then, clear as if someone had rung a bell, i remembered what Chef Kelly told me when i was doing my prep work for the cleanse. she said that if i had to go out to an event, that i should go and just be reasonable, and i could have a glass of champagne. just don't overdo it, you know?

so, instead of option 1: driving back to work to pick up the sadly left out purees (which i deeply considered) i went for option 2: i decided to skip my 5th puree all together tonight, and had 1/2 a glass of champagne.

it's liquid, there's no fat (right? i think?) and guess what: i stopped stressing so much. sure, i may have to go to bed early because i'm a bit hungry, and also because i actually can't wait to get into work tomorrow because i will have FOOD TO CHEW ON delivered to me at 8 am (and that is totally not a joke, BTW. i will go into work early for food. is that sick? i dunno, and i don't care.) for posterity's sake, and to keep the rustic nature of this cleanse alive, at least i poured this tiny amount of champagne into a mason jar. mason jars are rustic, right? people put soup in mason jars, no?

i swear it's just the tiny mason jar. 
so, in conclusion, i gave something up, and replaced it with something smaller that i was actually allowed to have even if i had eaten all of my purees. so somehow, i feel like i remained true to the cleanse. also, i'm telling you all about my indiscretion of sorts here, well, because that's why i'm documenting this in a public way. so that i can be accountable to someone...and that someone is YOU guys. SIDEBAR: i can't tell you how great it felt when a few of you reached out to me today personally to tell me you are following the blog and rooting for me. it's actually really helping me get through.

what i've learned so far... is that SO much of food; and preparing, planning, sharing, eating and talking about it is actually EMOTIONAL. am i starving, or deprived of anything right now? not anything that my body needs. which is why it is such a mind-fuck. i just miss it, that's all. it's like a bad friend or relationship. you know it's better for you when they are gone, but damn sometimes you miss something about them. and i miss chewing and choice. the power to consume what i want when i want. and now that i realize that fact, the fact that food controls me more than i think i control it, i've just unlocked the first step to solving the problem. i need to be in charge again, and the only way to do that, is first to deconstruct the whole process, down to basics. and that, ladies and gents, is the whole purpose of a cleanse.

and so, we progress.

so here's the FINAL tally for the day:


LBS LOST: still 2 (i won't weigh myself again until morning, so this stays the same)
NUMBER OF TIMES I GOT LOST ON MY WAY TO WORK: still just 1. thank god i didn't decide to go back for that puree tonight, eh?

------------------MORNING UPDATE-----------------

well, i slept and i woke up. so that's something. also, i woke up around 6 am and had to pee - like a lot. i'm sure it's because i'm eating soup 5x a day and then supplementing that with tea and coffee to have SOME sense of flavor in my mouth.

i woke up feeling ok-not quite myself but not completely sluggish and depressed - but definitely subdued. so that's something too. since i usually have coffee and my breakfast at work, i was fine waiting until i got here-like, not starving or craving soup. :/  (oh btw, not sure if this is a side effect of the cleanse, but i got lost on my way to work today. a place i've worked almost 4 years that is like 20 mins from my house. so, that happened too.) and, just to add a photo of NOT soup to this post, i just googled "lost" and of course got way too many images from the ABC show. and i was trying to skip over them to find a good image of LOST in the traditional sense, but then i came across this photo of Kate from LOST in sparkly underwear and thought "god, i want my butt to look like that" and somehow, i feel like that applies here-both for the 2 lbs i LOST and because i got LOST on my way to work. so here's Kate from LOST wearing sparkly underwear with her great ass:

i mean, who doesn't want their butt to look like that?

i'm eating my pumpkin soup for breakfast now, and hopefully i will have some more energy after this and my cuppa joe.

on a good front, (and for those of you who are faint of heart when it comes to talking about bodily functions, just leave now), i woke up and went to the bathroom (which i hadn't all day yesterday) and then weighed myself (you know you ALL do that. we all know we weigh, like, at LEAST 1 lb less after we poop. #amirite?) and i've lost about 2 lbs! woot woot. so that's exciting.

i keep telling myself that the weight loss of this cleanse will be the desirable side effect of it, and that the main goal is to get healthy and cleanse out my system, but even i know that it's prolly more weighted the other way around. (HA get it? weighted? i mean... i think i'm funnier when i'm hungry. or maybe just more blunt.)


NUMBER OF SHOWS THAT ARE AS GOOD AS LOST WAS: 1 (and it's Breaking Bad, mo-fos. which i dare to say was even better than LOST. BOOM.)

stay tuned for updates, and remember you can post comments, questions, jokes and words of encouragement below without having to sign in! i have an open comments system just so that it makes it easier for you all to communicate with me. so have at it!

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