Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On a New Path: 4th of July Spent in the ER, plus Armpits, Stomach & Kidneys.

How's that for a headline, eh?

So through the years, this blog has been many things. First, my video podcast and blog for all things geeky, techy, creative. Then, it was my outlet and documentation place for my 14 day soup cleanse, and you guys were with me every step of the way and even supported time that time that i wrote a poem about soup, not poop. (BTW, going through those posts i'm reminded how EXCELLENT i am at picking hilarious and random pop culture gifs to describe my relationship with food. srsly. i'm going to include the full archive links to those posts because, well because they made me LOL.) Recently, this blog also captured me winning the interwebs when i met George Takei.

Lately I've had some great progress in my life, but also some great setbacks. i have an amazing new job with a mission where i basically get to save the world daily. I have an incredible home that i weekend warrior projects on that make me happy to be doing work with my hands and planning designs and gardening. I have a great partner and family and cherished friends who have become my family, and i have love and laughter in my life daily. But i also just got a kidney infection out of nowhere and spent most of 4th of July in the ER at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. I have lost a friend due to that parting of ways that sometimes has to happen to women in their 30's, and have been struggling to find time to do things that i know are good for me and nurture me. some of those things include:

  • working out (blergh).
  • writing
  • blogging
  • photography
  • journaling
  • eating right (most days i'm great at it, and other nights there's taco bell. WHAT I LOVE THEIR SOFT TACOS AND FAKE NACHO CHEESE).
In an effort to reboot my personal habits, i have come here, because you guys and this place have always been there for me before. I'm going to start writing about things that are less geeky (though there will still always be my love of gadgets, software and technology here!), and more organic, dare i use that buzzword.

for example...
  • i just read a shitload of information about how bad antiperspirants are for you, and how we should not put aluminum and other chemicals under our armpits. i do NOT like BO, but i also don't want cancer. I am on the search for a natural deodorant that works. wish me luck on that, but i'll be posting about it here.
  • i have this crazy plumeria plant that i bought in hawaii years ago that has this weird symbolic pattern to how it grows based on my relationship with above mentioned former-friend. i would like to document because it's just TOO WEIRD. 
  • I am doing some awesome DIY home projects that i'd like to share with you all. for example, i made my own outdoor curtain hanging hardware using steel piping fixtures from Home Depot for like 20 bucks total. #irock
  • I am attempting to get back into actually working out and overhauling my eating habits for life. not a diet, not a cleanse, but this time for GOOD. i am going to need all the help i can get with that one.
  • i have started a separate site and Etsy store (#HomeMadeRad and #FizzyPopHome) almost a year ago that i haven't actually launched yet. i am making my crafts into home goods and i want to share my tips and tricks with everyone. i just need to actually FINISH that project. I'm so close you guys!
In summation, i have always been a jack of all trades. and i'm ok with that. i want to MASTER more than one of those things, projects, lifestyle changes, and i want to do it where it's most natural and lovely for me: right here on this blog with all of you.

So basically, what i'm saying is stay tuned for more, better, good stuff and a whole new look. I'm almost done with the BITCHIN new wix design for this blog, and will be making the swap hopefully in the next week or so.

Hope to see you around!

Have a great day,
D x

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