Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Pit Chronicles: Natural Body Odor Fighters-Do they Exist?

Ok, so we all know (or are slowly learning) that antiperspirants aren't good for us. but no one wants to stink, right?

Plus, and chemical-laden deodorants that are placed so close to fragile breast tissue and lymph nodes (especially when you shave under the arms and get cuts, nicks, etc - pathways directly into the bloodstream!) are no bueno. though there's no direct link of deodorant to cancer that i can find in the science (full disclosure, i'm not a scientist; just very good at google searching and deep-dives), it can't be good for our organs to constantly be putting aluminum and other chemicals in our bodies. right? duh.

So, i'm trying to find a more natural deodorant that actually works. i was perusing the aisles at Gelson's yesterday, and just went based on what i could read on all of the labels that appealed to me. i didn't have a specific recommendation, i was just trying to be a responsible consumer and read the labels. (and also a marketing-person's dream consumer because that "clinical results" sticker on the Jason deodorant really worked on me!).

Results so far:

  • as soon as i got home that day, i tried the kiss my face roll on. i got it mainly because i wanted to try a liquid/roll on, and also because it says it's lavender and i LOVE lavender. ask anyone who knows me-my office ALWAYS smells like lavender lotion at work. this shit was NO BUENO. if there is a lavender plant that smells like this deodorant, please for the love of all things right with this world NEVER PLANT IT AGAIN. so that option is out because i just can't stand the smell of it-it's worse than the smell of my own BO!
  • yesterday and today i have tried the Jason traditional deodorant. first impressions: it smells nice, but it feels sticky when i put it on. i hear that that's normal with natural deodorants because antiperspirants and other chemical-laden deodorants use chemicals to actually stop you from sweating, so it makes sense that a different approach/formulation would have separate effects. 
In summary, i'm a bit sticky but not stinky. so that's good? i will let you know how it progresses. :)

Now, i want to hear from YOU! later i will post the insanely long thread on my FB page where people sounded off en masse on the types of naturals they use, but in the meantime, tell me in the comments below-do you use natural deodorants and if so, what is your favorite brand? any recommendations?

love to my lovelies,

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