Monday, October 7, 2013



you guys, i ate a pistachio nut. and this is how it felt:

but i only ate one, not 4. and it didn't de-shell itself. and Psy wasn't there.
otherwise, i stuck with the all-puree cleanse today. it was just that today was hard, cleanse-wise. my focus is off mentally (blame the PMS) and i'm tired (ditto) and then, i had this really long, great email from chef kelly really waxing philosophical about food and the big picture, and it was SO great, and really resonated with me. (she really is all about inspiring people to see food differently and about the larger meaning of it) and then, in the email, totally nonchalantly as is her gentle, gingerly way, she said that i should not be surprised if i was emotional this week; "most people get emotional during week 2."


i'm already on the verge hormonally due to the inevitable life-force-tide that is swelling within me (and no, that was NOT a euphemism. but it was a metaphor. for periods. and cramps). so this is the backstory of the landscape that was in my mind as i stood in my kitchen, heated up my new tomato basil soup (part of the new batch of flavors i picked), and exactly what i was thinking about (perhaps whimpering about externally too?) when my glazed over eyes landed on a bag of nearly eaten pistachio nuts on the pantry shelf. 

so i had 1. BUT JUST ONE...just to chew something. i figured that since i had had nuts in quite a few of the prepared meals on the cleanse, it's not like it's a forbidden protein...right? anyway, again, this blog is all about my accountability and i am confessing to you all that i ate a fucking pistachio nut and i'm going to be TWICE as emotional as ever this week, so if ANY of you are left here reading by the end of this week, you are awesome. (sorry and thanks?)

LBS LOST: 7.5 (woot!)
SINGLE PISTACHIO NUTS CONSUMED: trick category. the tally is in the category name. (1)


happy(?) monday?

it's day 8! the only thing that brightened up my day today was...well, actually there are 2 things:

  1. i lost another .5 LBS, so that is encouraging, especially knowing i'm going back to just purees for today and tomorrow. :/ at least i know that for sure i should keep losing weight today and tomorrow, rather than plateauing as my body tends to do after like an 8 LB weight loss in the past.
  2. i got my all new purees today, and they are beautiful, bright and different colors, and it made me grateful for the fact that i changed out the flavors of the soups for this week. because i just could not continue with the ones i had for another 7 days...i wouldn't make it! 
so that's my report. tomorrow will be a true test of the effects of this cleanse on the ultimate force of nature: CRAMPS. i get them really bad, and they are scheduled for tomorrow. like i have to take 3 advil before they start or i throw up bad. so, if this cleanse helps alleviate that pain, then i will be even more of a believer than i already am in the whole cleansing/eating "clean" philosophy. 

but right now, all i can think about is the half-eaten Heath bar in the fridge at home that i found yesterday when i was reorganizing groceries (don't judge...i love to be in the kitchen. how do you think i got into this whole mess in the first place?!)

happy(?) monday!

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